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Preschool Dance

A fun introduction to dance, involving lots of catchy, entertaining songs that will have your little one dancing and singing all the time. These classes will also help develop their motor, cognitive and social skills, whilst using their imagination and expressing themselves.



Jazz is a energetic, fun, fast paced style of dance. Students learn a variety of movements requiring strength and flexibility. Jazz dance is often to upbeat pop music and is great for fitness and stamina. This class is great for building confidence and co-operation.


Ballet is a classical style of dance creating grace and beauty through movement. This a very popular style of dance, as it combines discipline and poise with expression and technically challenging steps, giving students a great sense of achievement as they progress.



A modern and creative movement style that fosters expression and freedom. Connecting the mind and body through fluid and dynamic movement. Usually using more emotional and evocative music.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fresh and fun style of dance. It has become a very popular and trendy form of dance. It requires rhythm and strength, and involves bouncing, rocking, isolating, popping, locking, breakdancing and more. It is performed to either pop, hip hop or R&B music.


Musical Theatre

Incorporates dancing, singing and acting together as a theatrical style of dance. Learn routines to songs from your favourite musicals and movies. A very animated and bold style of dance, where you step into the role of many different characters.

Adult Dance

Dance is not only for the young, anyone can enjoy and learn dance at any age. Our adult dance classes are an open style class that develops technique and style of the genre through learning skills and routines. We currently offer Adult Jazz/Contemporary and Advanced Jazz/Contemporary/Commerical, but are always looking to open new classes.



Our fees are charged per term between 9 and 11 weeks.
Each class has one class per week. There are no classes during the school holidays.

30 minute class

$130 per term

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45 minute class

$150 per term

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Timetable and Enrolment Form

Monarch Dance Timetable Term 3 2024

Monarch Dance Enrolment Form 2024

Term Dates 2024

Term 1: Tuesday 6th Feb - Saturday 13th April
(No Classes Easter Weekend)

Term 2: Tuesday 30th April - Saturday 6th July

Term 3: Tuesday 23rd July - Saturday 28th September
(Exams August)

Term 4: Tuesday 15th October - Saturday 14th December
(Show end of November)

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